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NGA Jobs Subject Matter Expert Systems Program Office SupportNGA Jobs Subject Matter Expert Systems Program Office Support Assignment Description:

NGA SETA contract Services cover a broad section of infrastructure requirements including NGA Jobs Subject Matter Expert Systems Program Office Support . The program office support effort for major programs is highly complex and requires experience based consultants that can support multiple program offices. The job description for these consultants is comprehensive.

  • Provide support to Xperience Directorate Business Executive Governance Staff activities
  • Serves as an advisor to a Government-led team that:
  • Provides program management and operational advice to the Governance Secretariat.
  • Assists the Secretariat in planning and technical exchanges between working groups, segments, programs/projects and customers. [Note: contractor employees serve as Government advisors and do not “represent” the Government.]
  • Coordinates and accomplishes Governance oriented tasks relating to Board(s) agendas, read ahead products, creating and publishing Board reports, and tracking Action Items.

NGA Jobs Subject Matter Expert Systems Program Office Support Duties include:

  • Provide direct support to the Xperience Directorate Business Executive Governance function.
  • Coordinate Governance activities, to include: planning & scheduling meetings, conference calls, and Video Teleconference Calls (VTC); capturing meeting minutes and decision points, posting minutes to the appropriate locations, ensuring read-ahead documents are provided to appropriate government executives and their support staffs; capturing, tracking and enforcing action items; as well as preparing for status briefings, and aiding the Governance staff members and chairs as appropriate.
  • Provide input into the development of the event agenda(s) and speaker lists.
  • Develop Task management including distribution, initial review, tracking and timely response.
  • Provide the Government advance and objective insight into program issues, execution risks, and corrective actions.
  • Participate in program management and business management, and provide feedback to the Government.
  • Support various meetings and boards, take and distribute minutes, as required.
  • Participate in internal and external forums and develop recommendations relating to architectural direction and guidance.
  • Support the development of practices, processes, mechanisms and documentations for all activities, both internally and the Board(s)/Working Groups.
  • Create briefings, documents, and interactive presentations as required.

NGA Jobs Subject Matter Expert Systems Program Office Support Skills and Experience:


  • Customer-service and goal oriented.
  • Excellent verbal, written, analytical, organizational, and management skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member under tight deadlines with changing priorities.
  • Demonstrated experience preparing acquisition strategy documentation.
  • Experience with Integrated Process Teams, Working Groups management, risk assessment and mitigation, test and deployment.
  • Demonstrated experience with intelligence community policies, procedures, and guidance.
  • Demonstrated expertise with MS Office software tools to include MS Access and MS Excel.
  • Experience in transitioning programs/projects/organizations from development, through operational standup, through to Operations and Sustainment.

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