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Cyber Visualization

How Can Cyber Visualization Tools Improve Cyber Security in Large Organizations? Cyber Visualization is vitally important because cyber Operators find themselves challenged on two fronts. The first is they must try to understand and utilize large volumes of data from multiple sources. The second is they need to constantly learn new tools, all of whichRead More →

Cyber Security Dashboard : Human Machine Interface

 Cyber Security Dashboard : Human Machine Interface More and more the human machine interface is critical to the management of a strong cyber security defense. Automated tools can collect and distribute large amounts of raw data but knowledgeable operators are required to make decisions that are the basis of cyber defense and forward leaning analysis.Read More →

Cyber Security Solutions: The Basic Problem

Cyber Security Solutions: The Basic Problem The largest issue is that many organizations face when they are seeking a cyber security solution is that they do not understand where they are vulnerable. The main reason for this is the lack of legitimate information about how tools work together and how to secure an entire company.Read More →

Cyber Security Dashboards : Are there too Many Automated Tools?

  Cyber Security Dashboards : Are there too Many Automated Tools?   Cyber Security Tools: Too Many to Manage? In June 2014, we were talking to a potential client about a custom cyber security solution.  When the topic of tools arose, the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) didn’t even blink an eye and blurted out, “WeRead More →

Cyber Security Solution : Intrusion Prevention Tools

Cyber Security Solution :Intrusion Prevention Tools Aspiration Software Cyber Security Solution: Intrusion Prevention Tools Aspiration Software combined both traditional intrusion prevention tools (IPS) with advanced malware protection to prevent the threat of  Zero Day and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). This is accomplished by using an Intrusion Prevent System (IPS), which includes signature based detection that leveragesRead More →

Cyber Security Solution: Detect, Contain , Respond

  Cyber Security Solutions Based on Detect, Contain, Respond Aspiration Software LLC Offers Cyber Security Defensive Solutions. Under this solution Aspiration Software  provided comprehensive response software that combines the best of class software and services including, but not limited to, incident response, SEIM, data log analysis and advanced malware detection. This Cyber Security Solution is basedRead More →

Cyber Security Solution : System Validation

Cyber Security Solution : System Validation ystem Validation In order to ensure proper defensive cyber security, the existing system must be validated in order to identify the existing hardware and software products in the enterprise. On large, complex systems validation requires a dedicated, organized and continuing effort that uses the most advanced tools and techniques.Read More →

Cyber Security Operators : Too Much Data

Cyber systems have too much data. This can be found in the volume, variety and velocity in large computer networks. Too much data causes the Cyber Security Operator to become overwhelmed due to the extreme amounts of information that need to be manually sifted through and analyzed. It is common to have thousands of linesRead More →

Cyber Security and BotNets : Proposed Solutions

CYBER SECURITY AND BOTNETS :PROPOSED SOLUTIONS IP TRACEBACK An important part of determining botnet activity, host operating system information and overall global network insight is to determine the origin of the data packets through IP Traceback. IP Traceback is complicated to the use of spoofing of the origin IP address located in data packets. Without knowingRead More →

Cyber Security Dashboards: Human Machine Systems Interfaces

Dashboards offer a unique and powerful solution to many of the issues that face Security Operators that are crucial to the development of human-machine systems and interfaces. Specifically, if the current Operators are overwhelmed with too much data, a dashboard is an effective tool to help increase comprehension and reduce cognitive workload. While the detailsRead More →