Cyber Security

Aspiration Software provides our clients with defensible security strategies and reliable, practical solutions to complex cyber security challenges , next generation threats and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and the effect of big data on cybersecurity end users and managers. Our proven solutions enable our clients to better protect their data and secure their IT systems. Our Cyber Security capabilities are described below.

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Automated Tools Management,Visualization and Analytics

The growth of the World Wide Web and networks throughout the world is pervasive and continues at a rapid pace. The benefits of shared data among users are many but the risks of cyber security attacks have grown even faster.

As the amount of data flowing through networks dramatically increases in size, velocity and complexity, the ability of cyber operators to foresee and respond to cyber security attacks is diminished.

This is evident as the concept of big data is expanded and the human machine interface breaks down. The result is that computer security against cyber security attacks has become an overriding concern for all types of organizations and the impact of big data is a reality.

          • Cyber Security Science and Technology Research and Development
          • Best Automated Tools Based on Sans 20
          • Visualization Solutions Based on Client Cyber Security Requirements
          • Automated Dashboard Solutions
          • Big Data , Cyber Security and Data Analytics
          • Machine Learning
          • Human Machine Interface
          • Cyber Security Analytics

Aspiration Software takes a user-centric approach to the human element in cyber security focusing on providing actionable intelligence to the cyber operator to make faster and better decisions.

Information Assurance and Cyber Security

Correct and available data is vital to the success and sustainment of organizations and mission operations alike. Aspiration Software provides information assurancecyber warfare services to ensure the access, use, processing, storage, and transmission of data and information is within defined security protocols.

We apply physical, technical, and administrative controls to assure the integrity, availability, authenticity, and confidentiality of data and information, including user and personnel data, sensitive information, and classified information.

            • Offensive Cyber Security
            • Governance and Risk Management
            • Access Control
            • Cryptography
            • Science of Security
            • Software Development Security
            • Mobile Device Cyber Security
            • Network Security
            • Digital Forensics

Network Analysis and Design

We provide detailed network planning, analysis, and design to ensure your new network or service meets the needs of your subscribers and operators. This is an iterative process, encompassing:

              • Cyber Security Models
              • Intrusion Detection Systems
              • Network planningOffensive Attack Console
              • Topological design
              • Network-synthesis
              • Cyber Security Threat Analysis
              • Network-realization

Our custom solutions balance security optimization with operational efficiency, enabling vulnerability management and security effectiveness without hindering productivity or boosting costs.

Network Security Against Cyber Security Attacksglobe

Aspiration Software has over 10 years of experience in providing network security to the DoD and the Intelligence Community. Our support includes:

              • Identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities and cyber security risk allowing best allocation of resources
              • Assessing the underlying network infrastructure and the provisions made to protect it for any gaps or deficiencies
              • Providing recommendations on security policies to protect the network and network-accessible resources from unauthorized access
              • Performing consistent and continuous monitoring and measurement to determine the effectiveness in protecting the network
              • Designing, customizing, ¬†installing and maintaining human firewalls

Network Administrationweb-1024x706-1

Aspiration Software provides ongoing network management and network administration support, including:

            • Network Architecture
            • Maintaining the overall integrity of the network
            • Network attack
            • Server deployment
            • Network security
            • VOIP Security
            • Patch and vulnerability management
            • Ensuring network connectivity
            • Perform routine maintenance tasks
            • Updating and installing new software
            • Ensuring network backups a client requirements re run regularly and that restores are sound
            • Monitoring network performance
            • Continuously checking for security breaches