Information Technology

Aspiration Software provides Information Technology services for the DoD and Intelligence Community across a broad range of capabilities. Our core capabilities include software development, database development, service oriented architecture, and web application development. Our IT core capabilities are further described below.

Software Development

Aspiration Software experts have the broad architecture knowledge, deep technical skill, and best practices expertise to deliver innovative solutions for your complex requirements.

Our software engineers and programmers design, develop, and implement custom software solutions across the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense (DoD).


Our software programmers are skilled in a variety of programming languages and have the expertise to diagnose requirements and apply the appropriate language to fulfill our client’s needs. We use agile and scrum development techniques to quickly develop and deploy mission critical applications, whether for client/server architectures or standalone workstations.

Our IT specialists are skilled at:

    • Cross-platform Java development
    • Object-oriented architectures
    • E-commerce
    • Analytic web tool design and development

Database Development

Information management is critical to mission success both inside and outside the Intelligence Community. We understand the need for safe, secure, and efficient database repositories, and have the expertise and experience in producing these structures.

Aspiration Software provides progressive, proactive database planning and engineering to define, merge, and transition mission-critical databases, database schema, metadata, and data. Our database engineers and knowledge management specialists are experienced with:

    • Oracle 11i
    • Oracle Spatial
    • Sybase
    • MS SQL
    • MS Access databases

Service Oriented Architecture

At the foundation of modern business process integration is service oriented architecture (SOA). SOA principles and methodologies help create better alignment between IT and business processes while generating more flexibility and adaptability to growing mission requirements.

Aspiration Software has the knowledge and experience to support SOA strategy development through:

    • Planning
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Operations & Maintenance

Web Application Development

Aspiration Software builds custom web applications to meet the unique requirements for intelligence analysts throughout the Intel Community.

Our custom tools assist analysts in assessing, processing, correlating, and visualizing data to form a better picture of occurrences by examining data from multiple sources.


Aspiration Software designs, develops, implements, and maintains custom applications. Our applications integrate with other commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) products as required, and we provide the administration for our applications once deployed. Prior to deployment, we conduct usability testing and user training to facilitate ease-of-use and quick acceptance by the analysts.